Weird Wednesday

In which, on some Wednesdays, I talk about weird stuff and give writing prompts

And also sometimes updates on my writing and book reviews


A Forest of Superstitions

Folklore About Trees

The Obstacle Flight

Evading Ogres with Everyday Objects

Crisis Apparitions

Spectral Visions of the Living


Irish Vampire

Phantom Islands

The Isle of Demons, Fata Morgana Land, and of course, Atlantis

The Wild Hunt

Ghost Riders in the Sky

Book Review: Spectacular Silver Earthling

The Trouble with Adorable Aliens

The Flannan Isles Vanishing

The Mysterious Disappearance of Three Lighthouse Keepers


Monster Shark

Writing Update: December 2022

Newsletter launch! And some free holiday stories.

The Deadly Dyatlov Pass

What happened to nine hikers on a snowy night in 1959?

The Mystery of the Female Stranger

This stone is placed here by her disconsolate

Husband in whose arms she sighed out her latest breath

Writing Update: November 2022

The story behind the Weird Wednesday writing prompts blog, and the start of a novel.

A Peak in Darien

Visions from a Deathbed

Spring-Heeled Jack

Dastardly Victorian Cryptid

Carroll A. Deering

1920’s Ghost Ship

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