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How to Publish a Short Story, Part 1: Calls for Submission

​So you’ve written a story you’d like to sell. That’s awesome! Let’s take a look at who’s buying.

How to Publish a Short Story, Part 2: Submitting Your Story

You’ve found a publication you like, and you’re ready to submit your story. Don’t worry if you’re terrified, that’s completely normal (sorry). Here are some easy steps to follow.

How to Publish a Short Story, Part 3: Rejections and Acceptances

You found a call, submitted a story, and now you’ve heard back! Let’s look at the final steps.

How to Write the Same Paragraph in Seven Different Genres

Romance, Erotica, Comedy Romance, Horror, Comedy Horror, Upbeat Sci-fi/Fantasy, and Dark Sci-Fi/Fantasy

How to Turn Your Favorite Weird Topic Into a Story

We’ve all got our strange hobbies, weird interests, and in-depth knowledge of obscure topics. 

POV Switching in Romance

Which characters’ perspective do you want to show? In a romance, there are usually two choices: showing the reader both main characters’ thoughts, or just one of them.

Unusual Vampires

Writers sometimes shy away from vampire characters because they’re so common. Fortunately, folklore is full of bloodsucking beasts. Here are a few unusual vampires that might make good characters.

Everybody's Got Plans: Useful Lists for Fics

There are different skills involved in writing long works, and one of them is organization. Here are some of my go-to outlines and lists.

Writing a First Kiss

There are a million different ways to write a great first kiss. We’ll look at some basics.

A Beastly Bookshelf

Looking to write a creature feature? Here are some of the monstrous reference books that I use for inspiration.

The Competence Kink

The competence kink is the idea that we’re attracted to people who demonstrate incredible talent. 

What to do with your body while your brain is trying to write

For whatever reason, it’s easier to let my mind flow free when the rest of me is doing something else. If you share in this, here are a few no-cost solutions.