Selected Portfolio

Fantasy & Supernatural

Two Branches

A mother searches for her son while caring for the changeling left in his place.

Vipers and Vultures

Based on the Greek myth of Melampus: a kind deed earns a blessing from the birds.

Dead Eye

It took Gayle an embarrassingly long time to realize that something was off about a certain customer at the coffee shop where she worked.

Queer Romance

Our Music


A winter storm and a sprig of mistletoe derail the plans of a janitor who thinks he’s not good enough for his best friend and neighbor, a young virtuoso violinist.


Blind Date With a Book

A female librarian falls for a woman who claims to hate reading




A history professor falls in love with his best friend, a 3000-year-old vampire.

One of the most commented original fics on Ao3!


Life of the Party


Gorgeous, charming 1930’s playboy Stephen Fletcher offers to introduce his shy best friend Walter Amesbury to kissing… and more.



A romance between a psychic prince and his captain of the guard



A murderess trying to dispose of a body on consecrated ground faces the church grim or kirkegrim, the spectral guardian dog of the graveyard.


The Island

What’s behind the mysterious disappearances at the local lake?


The Wrong Side of the Door

It’s not always easy to leave a haunted house.


The Unquiet Lake

The lake got into the grave; the greed got into the lake