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Hey look, some stories. These are mostly romance, with some fantasy & horror.



The Carousel

A magic carnival ride lets two men from different worlds fall in love, but there’s a catch – they can only meet four times.




A history professor falls in love with his best friend, a 3000-year-old vampire.

One of the most commented original fics on Ao3




A shy older man with magical abilities becomes the muse of a beautiful young male artist.


Life of the Party


Gorgeous, charming 1930’s playboy Stephen Fletcher offers to introduce his shy best friend Walter Amesbury to kissing… and more.


My Hero


An investigative reporter falls for her kickass female bodyguard, while trying to conceal the fact that she doesn’t need a bodyguard because she has super powers.


Life is Good


A gay disaster vampire tries to date a himbo vampire hunter


You Don’t Say


When two fake psychic con men who secretly pine for each other are forced to work together to solve a disappearance, they discover that one of them is actually psychic. But which one?




A queen’s bodyguard falls in love with a handsome royal attendant, and must protect them both from an attack by creatures who aren’t supposed to exist.


Dearly Beloved


A powerful but lonely king believes his love for his beautiful, kind-hearted arranged fiancé will always be unrequited, but he still risks everything to protect him from those who want to derail the match.


Dear Blue

A gift of a poem at Pride leads to an anonymous correspondence, and love between two women




A man falls in love with his childhood best friend, who happens to be a (really hot) shapeshifting monster.


Overnight Love


A bookish vet tech is suprised to find himself the target of his handsome young co-worker’s increasingly steamy flirtations

Two Branches

A fantasy story

A mother searches for her son while caring for the changeling left in his place.

The Island

A horror story 

What’s behind the disappearances at the local lake?


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