Selected Publications

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging

An anthology from Improbable PressĀ featuring my story “The Enfield Monster”

Pre-order here

What Lies Beneath

An original horror zineĀ 

Work: “The Island”

Read the zine

Greek Mythology Zine

Zine Tumblr


“Vipers and Vultures” Preview

and “The Calm Within the Storm” Preview


An original cryptozoology zine

Zine Carrd

Work: “Kirkegrim”

Fatality & Flora

An original romance zine

Zine Twitter

Work: “Shark and Swan”

False Gods

An original mythology zine

Zine Tumblr

Work: “Two Branches” Preview

Blood and Breath

An original queer vampire zine

Zine Tumblr

Work: “Crossing the River”

Dannye’s short fiction has appeared in over 20 original and fandom zines.