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July 18: Fandom 5k Exchange fic  No spoilers! But look for a fic from me at author reveals on July 18. (Fics will be released anonymously on July 9.)

July 19: Honeysuckle and White Jasmine Good Omens human AU. While on a bad blind date at a coffee shop, bookshop owner Aziraphale meets a gorgeous red-haired barista. ~Explicit~

July 22: Bloom My next original serial romance. A shy older man with magical abilities becomes the muse of a beautiful young male artist. ~Explicit~


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Queer Weird West

An anthology from LIBRAtiger Press, featuring my story, The Train Ticket: A man finds himself holding a train ticket to Hell after accidentally attempting to rob a ghost train. And because it’s me, there’s a tiny bit of romance.

Preorder here Publishing Aug 31, 2022

Frontiers have always attracted the Other – where they find that the Other is always already there. These 22 stories explore what happens when queer characters encounter weirdness on the edge of the worlds they know. 

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging, Volume Blue

An anthology from Improbable Press featuring my story “The Enfield Monster”

Order here

Read a blog post about the story and watch a video reading of an excerpt

A human woman named Jessica and her swamp monster wife, Pearl, adapt to the changes that old age brings to their lifelong romance.