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January Exchanges

I can’t give too many details, but there will be 2 more exchange fics posted later in January!

Feb 4: You Don’t Say

My next serial romance. When two fake psychic con men who secretly pine for each other are forced to work together to solve a disappearance, they discover that one of them is actually psychic. But which one?

Later in February

I will be participating in Femslash February this year for both Good Omens and original fiction, and there will be a Good Omens zine fic posted on Feb 14.

Currently available to order and pre-order

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging, Volume Blue

An anthology from Improbable Press featuring my story “The Enfield Monster”

Order here

Read a blog post about the story and watch a video reading of an excerpt

Tags: two women falling in love never mind one’s a swamp monster, found family, true love, lifelong love, wlw romance, old age, fish cookies, cryptids, cryptozoology, secrets, romantic rescues, a little bit NSFW, singing frogs, you can never forget love
Summary: A human woman named Jessica and her swamp monster wife, Pearl, adapt to the changes that old age brings to their lifelong romance.


Looking Ahead

Zines in progress

I am happy to be participating in several original and Good Omens zines. Stay tuned for pre-orders, release dates, and posting dates.