Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Stories:

Upcoming publication, date TBA: The Case of the Man Who Wasn’t Dead, to appear in the anthology “Sherlock is a Girl’s Name” from Clan Destine Press. Modern-era medium Sherlock Holmes solves the murders of the dead who contact her via her spirit guide, Jane Watson, a nurse who died in 1944.

April 3: a fanfic for The Mane Event, an exchange focusing on hair. No spoilers, but look for a fic from me on April 3

May: a fic for the Hurt Comfort Exchange. No spoilers, but look for a fic from me in late May or early June.

I also have a couple of Good Omens fics for Fandom Trumps Hate on the way.

Upcoming Weird Wednesday writing prompts blog posts:

April 12: The Black Shuck

April 26: Room for One More

May 10: Mirrors

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