Upcoming Events

Upcoming fics:

Serial fic Tollense: Updates Fridays

An original serial romance 

A history professor falls in love with his best friend, a 3000-year-old vampire

Read it on Ao3, Tumblr, and DannyeChase.com

October 26: The Unquiet Lake

An original horror fic written for the Spook Me Halloween Ficathon 2021

Fic will appear on Ao3, Tumblr, and DannyeChase.com

The lake got into the grave; the greed got into the lake.

November 12: My Hero

An original serial romance, to follow Tollense

Fic will appear on Ao3, Tumblr, and DannyeChase.com

An investigative reporter falls for her kickass female bodyguard, while trying to conceal the fact that she doesn’t need a bodyguard because she has super powers. 

Currently available to order and pre-order

Kinks For Kindness: Danger and Debauchery

Good Omens erotica zine featuring my fic “Captive of the Snake God”

Pre-order here

Aziraphale gets into a little trouble with humans who worship a snake god. Luckily, their god has a soft spot for a certain angel. Includes some Naga Crowley smut!

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging, Volume Blue

An anthology from Improbable Press featuring my story “The Enfield Monster”

Pre-order here

Read a blog post about the story

But Jessica was different too. She was not sharp and acidic like some people, not harsh, and caustic, and afraid. Jessica was open and soft and sweet and lonely. She saw a monster and she wasn’t afraid, even when she heard the monster offer her shelter in a half-frozen swamp, even when she heard the monster promise (and Pearl had never lived this down) not to eat her.

“You can’t eat me,” Jessica had observed. “I’m bigger than you.”

An Ineffable Pick-Your-Fic Experience: Paths of Pleasure

A choose-your-own-adventure style Good Omens erotica zine

Pre-order here until October 31

Crowley made a strained vocal noise and tried to cover it with a smirk. “Feeling like a pillow principality, are you? Can’t say I’m surprised.”

Aziraphale huffed at him. “And what is that supposed to mean?”

But Crowley was smiling fondly at him now. “Just that you like to enjoy things, angel. You like for me to do you favors. Lie back. There, that’s it. Let me see to you.”

Looking Ahead

November & December

Good Omens human AU and an original piece based on Greek mythology will post in November. In December, there will be some Good Omens smut and an original Christmas romance.

Zines in progress

I am happy to be participating in several original and Good Omens zines. Stay tuned for pre-orders, release dates, and posting dates.