Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Stories:

Love Knot, to appear in the anthology “Anna Karenina Isn’t Dead” from Improbable Press, an anthology where literary heroines survive their stories. I gave Bess from Alfred Noyes’s poem The Highwayman five minutes’ notice of the soldiers’ arrival, and she did the rest. Release date early 2024

The Case of the Man Who Wasn’t Dead, to appear in the anthology “Sherlock is a Girl’s Name” from Clan Destine Press. Modern-era medium Sherlock Holmes solves the murders of the dead who contact her via her spirit guide, Jane Watson, a nurse who died in 1944. Release date TBA

May: a fic for the Hurt Comfort Exchange. No spoilers, but look for a fic from me in late May or early June.

I also have a couple of Good Omens fics for Fandom Trumps Hate on the way.

Upcoming Weird Wednesday writing prompts blog posts:

June 7: The Transformation Chase: Shapeshift Your Way Out of Danger

June 21: Ouija Boards. Who are you talking to?

July 5: Vanished Planes: The Loss of the Star Tiger and Star Ariel in the Bermuda Triangle. 

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