Upcoming Releases

Upcoming Stories:

The Train Ticket, a queer horror story, to appear in on the Tales to Terrify podcast. A man finds himself holding a train ticket to Hell after accidentally attempting to rob a ghost train. Release date TBA

The Morrigan, a folk horror story, to appear in Illustrated Worlds magazine. A woman dealing with the aftereffects of cancer treatment takes a job caring for an elderly woman who exhibits strange behavior. Release date TBA

A Merman Walks Into a Bar, a bit of M/M comedy smut, to appear in the Nobilis Erotica podcast. A merman in disguise accidentally picks up a marine biologist in a bar. Release date TBA

Humans and Their Weird Magic Objects, to appear in the Lorelei Signal magazine. A woman falls for a crab mermaid while attempting to steal a treasure from a ghost ship. Publishing July 7, 2024.

Devoured, a literary horror story, to appear in Nocturne Magazine. A woman tries to convince her grief-stricken mother to move out of her haunted house. Publishing Oct 31, 2024

The Ever-Running Bath, to appear in Xanax Hamster, a magazine of trunk horror fics. A woman injured on a desert hike struggles with her surroundings and her past. Publishing Dec 17, 2024

Branwen and the Three Ravens, a dark fairy tale, to appear in Penumbric Speculative Fiction magazine. The creepy adventures of a woman trying to free her brothers from a curse. Release date TBA

July 3: The Donner Party: Wagon Train Tragedy

July 24: 50 Berkeley Square: The Scariest House in London

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