Dannye Chase

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Recently Posted Works:



An original romance

A queen’s bodyguard falls in love with a handsome royal attendant, and must protect them both from an attack by creatures who aren’t supposed to exist.


Every Honeybee

A Femslash February ficlet

Ruth wants to confess her love to her best friend Mary, but they’ve never even spoken of romance.


An original romance

A man falls in love with his childhood best friend, who happens to be a (really hot) shapeshifting monster.


Don’t Come After Us

A Good Omens fic

Aziraphale and Crowley engage in time travel shenanigans with the aid of the Bermuda Triangle.

The Seduction of Mr. Bridgens

A Terror modern AU

(Non-Terror fans welcome)

Grad student Henry Peglar rents an apartment above a bookstore with a gorgeous DILF manager named John Bridgens. One snowy night, Henry decides to seduce his downstairs neighbor.


Getting to Know You

A Good Omens fic

Crowley didn’t think his neighbor could possibly be weirder than himself. He was wrong.