Dannye Chase

Recently Posted Works:


Life is Good

An original romance


A gay disaster vampire tries to date a himbo vampire hunter

Dearly Beloved

An original serial romance


A lonely king believes his love for his beautiful, kind-hearted arranged fiancé will always be unrequited, but he still risks everything to protect him.

Kith and Kin

An original paranormal romance

A man fights for custody of his sister’s orphaned twins against a mysterious (and inconveniently attractive) man from the other side of the family.

Honeysuckle and White Jasmine

A Good Omens human AU


While on a bad blind date at a coffee shop, bookshop owner Aziraphale meets a gorgeous red-haired barista.

The Innocent

A modern AU of The Terror


Francis Crozier, third in command of a company searching for a 175-year-old lost Arctic ship, must battle his reckless superiors while concealing the fact that he’s fallen in love with his assistant, Thomas Jopson.

Opposites Attract

A Good Omens fic

5 times Aziraphale saw black and white animals together and the time he finally figured out why.