Dannye Chase

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Recently Posted Works:



An original serial romance

A man falls in love with his childhood best friend, who happens to be a (really hot) shapeshifting monster.


The Melody Man

An original holiday romance

An actor giving holiday tours at an 1880’s mansion finds love…and something ghostly.

Overnight Love

An original romance


A bookish vet tech named Lewis is surprised to find himself the object of his handsome young coworker’s increasingly steamy flirtations.

And Say We’ll Never Part

A fanfic for The Terror

Harry Goodsir deals with the death, but not the loss, of Alexander McDonald. For the Terror Bingo square “chattering teeth”

A Quiet Love

A fanfic for The Terror

Thomas Jopson is not just a good steward, he’s actually psychic. So he knows Lt. Little is falling in love with him.


Getting to Know You

A Good Omens fic


Crowley didn’t think his neighbor could possibly be weirder than himself. He was wrong.