Dannye Chase

Recently Posted Works:


Life of the Party

An original romance


A 1930’s playboy offers to introduce his shy best friend to kissing… and more.


An original romance


A history professor falls in love with his best friend, a 3000-year-old vampire

Two Branches

An original fantasy fic

A mother searches for her son while caring for the changeling left in his place.

Vipers and Vultures

An original fantasy fic

Based on the Greek myth of Melampus: a kind deed earns a blessing from the birds

Last Night I Saw Upon the Stair

A spooky Good Omens human AU

Aziraphale and Tony are tenants in a haunted house.

The Angel’s Bracelet

Good Omens human AU

Regency Lord Crowley witnesses a kind deed by a beautiful blond stranger.