Dannye Chase

Recently Posted Works:


Life is Good

An original romance


A gay disaster vampire tries to date a himbo vampire hunter

You Don’t Say

An original serial romance


When two fake psychic con men who secretly pine for each other are forced to work together to solve a disappearance, they discover that one of them is actually psychic. But which one?

A Merman Walks Into a Bar

An original romance


A merman in disguise accidentally picks up a marine biologist in a bar

The Book Clerk and the Sugar Daddy

A Good Omens human AU

~Explicit with NSFW art~

Anthony Crowley meets the sugar baby of his dreams at a bookshop.

The Innocent

A modern AU of The Terror


Francis Crozier, third in command of a company searching for a 175-year-old lost Arctic ship, must battle his reckless superiors while concealing the fact that he’s fallen in love with his assistant, Thomas Jopson.


A Good Omens human AU

Lonely lighthouse keeper Aziraphale Fell becomes father to a lost baby mermaid and falls in love with a pirate.