Writing Update

April 2023

Publication news! And some free sapphic romances

I am happy to announce three upcoming publications!

My story Love Knot will appear in Improbable Press’s anthology “Anna Karenina Isn’t Dead,” where classic literary heroines survive their stories. My piece is based on Alfred Noyes’s poem The Highwayman. I gave Bess five minutes’ notice of the soldiers’ arrival, and she did the rest. Publishing early 2024.

My story The Case of the Man Who Wasn’t Dead will appear in the anthology “Sherlock is a Girl’s Name” from Clan Destine Press. Modern-era medium Sherlock Holmes solves the murders of the dead who contact her via her spirit guide Jane Watson, a nurse who died in 1944. Release TBA.

And my story The Island will appear on the horror podcast Creepy. What’s behind the disappearances at the local lake? Release TBA.

I’ve also got some stories you can read right now. Here’s a round-up of my free sapphic romances:

My Hero An investigative reporter falls for her kickass female bodyguard, while trying to conceal the fact that she doesn’t need a bodyguard because she has super powers. Explicit

Two Branches A mother searches for her son while caring for the changeling left in his place.

Dear Blue A gift of a poem at Pride leads to an anonymous correspondence, and love.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a wonderful spring.

Photo taken by Dannye