The Flight Series: Synopses

Flight of Fancy

Amelia Kent is a very logical and rational person with a genius for math and science.  But her life just doesn’t seem to fit with any sort of logic at all.  She’s in love with her best friend, Simon.  That wouldn’t be so bad, normally, except that he doesn’t feel the same way.  And she can’t fall out of love with him like a rational person would do because–well, the man can fly.  He’s an actual superhero.  Black mask, superpowers, and some sort of dark past he never talks about, even with her.  And the whole science-genius thing isn’t working out either, because she’s a girl in a man’s field in the 1980’s.  No one wants to let her in, not Simon, not the university.  Even Amelia herself has started to think that maybe they don’t need her.  Until everything goes wrong and the only person who can figure it out is tiny, blonde Amelia Kent, who just might have some fairly super powers of her own.

Flight to Freedom

Detective Laura Wayne survived the worst thing that can happen to a child and woke up stronger.  Literally, physically stronger, stronger than anyone in the world.  She knows that she is meant to use her power on the street, saving other women and children.  But instead, she is assigned to bank robbery because the city of Maiden’s Bay is home to someone else with superpowers, and he uses his for robbing banks.  Laura is supposed to fall in love with her best friend, Paul Black (Simon and Amelia’s son), she is supposed to feel like she is in control of her own life.  But instead, her anger is only getting worse.  Until the last man on earth that she would ever turn to offers her something beautiful and Laura realizes that super-villain Brian Grayson might just be worth saving.  And that maybe there’s enough hero in him that he can save her, too.

Fearless Flight

Paul Black really did fall in love with Laura Wayne.  She was the one woman who knew his secrets, who understood how hard it was to live with the burden of powers and a job you couldn’t say no to.  She was the one woman that he thought might help him make sense of his life.  Now, Paul has returned to his hometown of Woodland to take over his father’s job as the city’s superhero, and he’s alone.  Until another young woman with red hair walks into his life and Paul starts to feel like making the same crazy mistake he did with Laura.  But Elenora Parker is completely wrong for him, she’s terrified of gunshots, she’s far too shy to be on the arm of one of Woodland’s most eligible bachelors, and she’s, well–she’s odd.  But maybe that’s exactly what Paul needs.  Maybe you can’t make sense of a life like his, or of the crazy things that go on in Elenora’s head (like how she seems to hear the future before it happens).  Maybe you just have to find someone to go on the adventure with you.

Fearless Flight is in progress.

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