Selected Publications

Dark Cheer: Cryptids Emerging

An anthology from Improbable Press featuring my story “The Enfield Monster”

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But Jessica was different too. She was not sharp and acidic like some people, not harsh, and caustic, and afraid. Jessica was open and soft and sweet and lonely. She saw a monster and she wasn’t afraid, even when she heard the monster offer her shelter in a half-frozen swamp, even when she heard the monster promise (and Pearl had never lived this down) not to eat her.

“You can’t eat me,” Jessica had observed. “I’m bigger than you.”

What Lies Beneath

An original horror zine 

Work: “The Island”

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Greek Mythology Zine

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“Vipers and Vultures”

and “The Calm Within the Storm” Preview


An original cryptozoology zine

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Work: “Kirkegrim”

Fatality & Flora

An original romance zine

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Work: “Shark and Swan”

False Gods

An original mythology zine

Work: “Two Branches” 

Blood and Breath

An original queer vampire zine

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Work: “Crossing the River”

Dannye’s short fiction has appeared in over 25 original and fandom zines.