Selected Portfolio

Original Fiction

The Alibi

972 words – rated T

A ficlet about superheroes and make it gay



Ray of Sunshine

1338 words – Rated G

A Hanahaki disease fic with a happy ending

Princess Gemma begins to receive mystery flowers every morning. She thinks they must come from the palace gardener, Ray, but she can’t discover where Ray is growing them.

Dead Eye

1476 words – rated G

It took Gayle an embarrassingly long time to realize that something was off about a certain customer at the coffee shop where she worked.

Good Omens Fanfiction

Are you an angel, too?

856 words – rated G

First work in the Mr. Fell’s Bookshop ficlet series

“Mr. Fell isn’t really an angel, it’s just a nickname.”
“Why does he have wings, then?”


2970 words- rated T

Written for the Ineffable Wives Zine, set during the 1692 Salem Witch Trials

You Can’t Un-See a Dog

4467 words – rated T

A couple of humans summon the demon Crowley to be a sacrifice. Aziraphale is not amused. Actually, wait, he’s very amused.

The Other Arrangement

7969 words – rated M

Centuries ago, Aziraphale and Crowley made an explicit agreement not to act on their love for each other because it was too dangerous. The most important rule specified that they were not allowed to touch each other. Post-Armagedddon’t, they begin to explore how to be openly in love by falling into in an increasingly steamy and emotional competition to tempt each other into being the first one to break the rules.


The Wrong Side of the Door

8798 words – rated M for horror elements

Aziraphale and Crowley are paranormal investigators who claim they don’t like each other– but whose hand do you want to hold in the dark? 



9016 words – rated E

A human AU with Aziraphale as a librarian and Crowley as a mobster


10,847 words – rated E

A human AU with Aziraphale as a nurse and Crowley as a flower shop owner

The Poet’s Eye

20,787 words – rated E

A human AU with Aziraphale as a poet and Crowley as a fire fighter

Stranger in Paradise

66,986 words – rated E

Having felt left out of the Almostpocalypse, Pestilence comes out of retirement to attack London with a few plagues. Meanwhile, Crowley and Aziraphale negotiate the recent post-Armageddon’t changes to their 6000-year love affair like a couple of dumbasses and are embarrassed to discover that even Death thinks they need to get their sh*t together. Also Aziraphale is a BAMF.