Life on the Bright Side: 31 Good Deeds for You to do This Month

Life on the Bright Side is a series of how-to posts about bringing beauty and happiness into our lives.

Doing a good deed can raise your spirits while making the world a kinder place.  Here is a month’s worth of quick, low-or-no-cost good deeds for you to do.

Have more ideas?  Please share them in the comments!


On social media:

  1. Share the photo and info for a dog or cat at your local animal shelter

  2. Share an event scheduled at your local library

  3. Share the link to make donations to your local food pantry or homeless shelter

  4. Share an upcoming class or camp scheduled at your local rec center


  1. Make your upcoming Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile

Write a positive online review for:

  1. Your favorite restaurant

  2. Your doctor, dentist, or vet

  3. A waterpark, theme park, zoo, or other place that you have visited

At home:

  1. Do a chore for a family member.  It can be someone who doesn’t live with you

  2. Make or buy your family a fruit salad.  If you live alone, share with a neighbor

  3. Bake cookies and mail them to a family member who lives far away

  4. Write a thank-you card to someone who has helped you recently

  5. Write a thank-you card to your all-time favorite teacher

  6. Write an email to a friend to let them know how much you enjoy their friendship

  7. Write a letter to a service member through Operation Gratitude

At work:

  1. Bring in bagels for your coworkers

  2. Bring a vase of flowers for the office

  3. Compliment a co-worker on a job well done

  4. Clean the office fridge, coffee-maker, microwave, or sink

At the grocery store:

  1. Pick up some peanut butter and toilet paper for your local food pantry

  2. Buy a bag of dog or cat treats for your local animal shelter

  3. Buy some toothpaste and toothbrushes for your local homeless shelter

  4. Bring a coupon and leave it on the shelf by that item

At the mall:

  1. Give a $5 coffee shop gift card to a retail worker who helps you

  2. Walk through a store and pick up items that have fallen on the floor

  3. Pick up all the trash in your area as you leave the movie theater

In the community:

  1. Bake cookies for your local fire station.  Be sure to include allergen information.

  2. Attend a low-cost fundraiser like a book sale, pancake breakfast, or bake sale

  3. Grab a plastic bag, go for a walk, and pick up trash

  4. Buy a bus pass (punch card) and donate it to your local homeless shelter

  5. Pay for the person behind you at a drive-through, or donate $5 toward their order

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