10 Ways to be Easily Amused

This post is brought to you by the letter C.

Actually, I should probably start out this post with Why you should be easily amused.

The practice of finding joy in little things sometimes gets a bad rap.  People say that those who are easily amused have simple minds and shallow lives.  I personally think that being easily amused is a way to deal with having a mind full of complexities and the stresses of a full life.

Perhaps you are already the kind of person who can get a rush of happiness from the minor amusements of your life.  If not, the list below contains some things you might try.  Being happy does not mean you are ignoring all the problems of your life that need solving.  You are just giving your spirit a little refreshing, and that can actually help you deal with unpleasantries.

Side note:  it amused me that the first four things I came up with for this post all started with C, so I continued with that.  Practice what you preach, right?

1.  Clean bed sheets

 It’s a great feeling to climb into a bed that’s been freshly made.


2.  Cartoons

For example, What’s Opera, Doc?


3.  Cozy socks

The weather’s getting colder–keep your toesies comfy.


(I do realize that this list violates Scattergories rules about using adjectives, but I don’t care.  Also, you should play Scattergories, it’s fun!)


4.  Caramel apples  

It’s just about the season for those now.


5.  Christmas carols

If you’re a Christmas person, sneak one in now and then for a quick pick-me-up.


6.  Charity

This is actually a big one–donate your coffee or lunch money one day to a favorite cause and you can really cheer yourself up.


7.  Carnations

Carnations are cheap and they smell amazing.  Grab a few at the store. You can even buy your significant other a boutonniere or corsage the next time you go out!


8.  Childhood candy

Think back:  what was your favorite candy as a kid?  The one you wanted on Halloween, the one your grandmother kept in a candy dish, the one you used to buy at the pool in the summers.  Such a tasty memory can be really comforting.


9.  Clean up

Being in a clean and tidy environment can really boost your mood.


And we have to finish with:

10.  C is for cookies

…clearly…as well as cake and cupcakes (and calories, though, so beware!)


Remember, you have to grow old, you don’t have to grow up!

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