18 Reasons to Smile

I’m on vacation this week, so here are 18 little points of brightness from other folks:


  1.  This adorable fluff


2. This guy who made a friend and probably saved a life


3.  Nature is amazing.


4.  You are amazing, too.


5.  Dogs make our lives better.


6.  We make dogs’ lives better.


7.  Beauty is everywhere.


8.  People can be awesome.


9.  It’s all about how you play the game.


10.  It’s fun to take a bath.


11.  Everyone agrees about #10.


12.  Look, more dogs!


13.  Still more dogs


14.  We have not run out of dogs


15.  This dog even has a job.


16.  I’m sure Santa believes in you, too.


17.  Knitting can save the day.


18. This flow-chart speaks the truth.



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