Pet Praising: Gentle Giant Mocha

“We got Mocha when she was 2 months old,” says her owner.  “She was super hyper and loved to nip at noses and ears.”  But with training and love, Mocha found her gentle side.  Her owner explains, “She probably has some pit bull in her and she goes to show you that pit bulls are as kind as they come.”

Mocha adores people, so she is sure to enthusiastically greet visitors to her home.  “When you first meet Mocha with her whole body moving from her wagging tail and her playful growling you might be a tad bit scared,” her owner tells me.  “But that will soon change when you realize she is just a gentle giant!”

Mocha deserves praise because she doubles as a doggy therapist.  “Mocha is a couch potato and doesn’t do much, which means she is one of those dogs that you can talk to.  She will listen to all your problems and not judge what you have to say. She is sure to cheer you up when you are sad.”

Good girl, sweet Mocha!

Does your pet deserve some praise?  (What a silly question.)  If you would like to have your pet featured on a Bright Side Pet Praising post, you can submit their info here. Any species of pet is welcome, and you can even tell us about beloved pets from your past.  All those who submit their pets for Pet Praising will be entered into a prize drawing.

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