Pet Praising: Raptor the Tiny Dinosaur

Raptor the crested gecko is celebrating a birthday!  He was adopted two years ago today from local breeders LAC Herps.  “Raptor is very shy,” says his owner, “but he likes to crawl around and look at new things and different rooms.”  Raptor eats powdered gecko food and live crickets.  The live feeding has led to some interesting situations.  “Because he’s so tiny, he can only eat crickets that are the size of the space in between his eyes or smaller,” his owner tells me.  But no matter how tiny the food, it took fierce dinosaur Raptor some time to get used to it.  “The first time we tried to feed him a cricket, he was terrified of it and would not eat it!” his owner laughs.

Crested geckos do not have eyelids, and so they’ll lick their eyeballs to keep them clean.  “When licking his eye, he first licks his nose and then somewhere closer to his eye, and then further and further, til he finally reaches his eye,” his owner explains.  “Which is very cute.”



Raptor deserves praise because “he’s adorable and he is kind of a spazz.  Whenever I’m putting him back in his cage, no matter where I put my hand, he’ll always jump into the cage.  And most of the time that results in him failing and flopping down somewhere.”

What a cute tiny dinosaur!  Happy birthday, Raptor.

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