Pet Praising: Sweet Shepherd Shelby

Shelby is an English Shepherd mix who was adopted by her family when she was three months old.  “Shelby is very playful and loving,” her owner writes, “and a very talented dog.”  Shelby once won a local agility course race!  Now, at the age of 10, she has arthritis in her back legs and can’t do the course anymore.  “But she is still as loving as ever,” says her owner.

And it is that love that earns Shelby some special praise:

“Shelby loves her family so much and has the biggest heart ever. Every night she roams the halls of the house to make sure everyone is still alive and makes sure everyone is protected. Not only is Shelby protective but she loves her family and it shows. Whenever someone leaves she lies by the door and cries until they come back. Shelby doesn’t show her teeth to a human even when her tail is getting tugged on. She is an amazing dog that deserves praise for her kindness and huge heart.”

Good girl, Shelby!  Here’s to many more years of sharing love with your family.

Do you have a pet that deserves praise?  If you would like to see your pet featured on The Bright Side Pet Praising, you can tell us their story here.  All those who submit their pets for Pet Praising will be entered into a prize drawing.

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